How can I get updates on financial news and events concerning PBF Logistics?

Register for e-mail alerts to receive e-mails when events and information are posted to this web site. There is also an RSS feed in the News section of the web site.

Who are PBF Logistics’s corporate officers?

Biographies of PBF Logistics’s senior officers can be found in the Management Team section of this web site.

Who is on PBF Logistics’s board of directors?

Information about PBF Logistics’s directors can be found in the Board of Directors section of this web site and in the company’s most recent proxy statement located in the SEC Filings section of the web site.

What is the PBF Logistics ticker symbol?

PBF Logistics’s ticker symbol is PBFX. PBF Logistics units are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

How can I get the current PBF Logistics unit price?

View PBF Logistics’s unit information page for the latest updates.

Who should I contact for information about PBF Logistics units?

Please contact American Stock Transfer, the company’s unit transfer agent and registrar, for changes to mailing addresses; inquiries about PBF Logistics units, or questions about direct purchase or dividend reinvestment programs. ( )

How can I get a copy of PBF Logistics’s filings with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?

SEC filings are available online. You may also register for SEC filing alerts on the same page.

Who should I contact for additional investor information?

If you have additional questions, please contact the PBF Logistics investor relations department.